Translate Mokume gane into Today’s society

Task ; Evaluate the cultural and social meanings of Mokume gane in the past and examine which position Mokume gane would be today.

 Because once Mokume gane has decayed, there are few literatures on it, and a few Mokume gane works crafted in its heyday exist today.  However, we still can see actual a range of Mokume gane works; sword guards, vessels, tobacco boxes, pipes, tea spoons, incense containers, inro, netsuke, and also the study of it is in progress.  I have interpreted Mokume gane crafted around 19th century as a symbol of stylishness as well as status, wealth, and power.  I have taken this idea into my studio practice and I have made an Apple logo which has every elements of Mokume gane I have interpreted.(Image: Above). 

After this, I have added my studio proposal (transition, sense of mortality) into this maquette considering the result of interviewing research, Method 2.(Image: Below).




“About Mokume-Gane.” NPO Japan Mokumegane research institute.2010. web. 27 March 2012.

Takahashi, Masaki., and NPO Japan mokumegane research institute, eds. Text book of Mokumegane. Tokyo: Fukuin Co.,Ltd, 2009. Print.

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