Mokume gane with solder

Here I would like to show you how I have made Mokume gane using solder.  The most important thing to succeed is very good preparation!!

1, Prepare perfect flat sheet of metals without grease, scratches.  To remove grease and scratches, sand or scrub with powder of pumice.

2, Prepare thin sheets of solder which are rolled down.  The sheets need to be prepared enough amount to be applied on every gaps between every metal sheets.

 3, Apply liquid flux on each surface of metals and apply solders on every gaps.

4, Bind the whole layered billet with binding wire

5, Solder them as usual (but using big torch!)

6, Forge the billet

7, Anneal the billet and roll it down (Repetition)

8, Punch marks on the sheet of metal and file convex parts off

4 thoughts on “Mokume gane with solder

  1. could you please tell me what is solder we use for billet? (14k rd gold,palladium,sterling silver,14k white gold) thank you

    • Hello there,

      To be honest with you, I have not tried making Mokume gane with gold and palladium yet. For making this Mokume on this page (copper and gilding metal), I used silver easy solder because of its lower melting point. I believe that using solder which melting point is as lower as possible would improve possibility of flowing solder. In your case, using 14ct easy solder might be hard, but using 9ct easy may be better, I reckon.

      Thank you for visiting my page and good luck to your making 🙂

  2. Hello..I am researching making mokume by soldering the sheets together and came across your site. Wondering if you were successful in using the method you described ? Your idea of rolling the solder so that it totally covers the surface of each sheet makes sense. Did you get good lamination ? Your post is a bit dated but I’m hoping you recall the outcome! Thanks. mike

    • Hello Mike, I could make Mokume gane plate by using this process (soldering), it was not easy though. I used easy silver solder for it and it shows beautiful silver colour between lamination of copper and gilding metal. The reason why I stopped using solder is that I need to use heaps of solder plate for it, I cannot hide (but I can show in a good way) solder between lamination, and at last, it would be much harder work if you want to heat ( such as soldering) after making Mokume with solder plate. On gallery page of this site, there is an image of 2 pin brooches on black jacket (sorry about that not good image), and those two were made of this soldering process. Hope it helps your practice. Thank you for visiting me 🙂

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