The second failure

I did the second try for fusing different metals today.

Well… when I took the billet out from a gas kiln for the first time today, it has not been fused yet, so I took it back into the kiln and did the second try.  But the second try also failed which meant it was not fused again…

The school metal technician and I read a book about Mokume gane again and determined to hammer the billet after taking it out from the kiln.   The third try was… failure again, although we hammered the billet as soon as we took it out…

Now I decided that I am going to try fusing using a electric kiln which has got a temperature setting next time.

Wait and see what is coming out!

2 thoughts on “The second failure

  1. How are you?
    Your finger is similar to animals,The picture of your gallery remained me. You said such a thing when you had live in Shimizu.

    • Thanks for commenting my blog. Anyways, did I say something about my fingers at that time when we were in Uni? I know my fingers are not pretty… yes like gogs or cats.

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