Using an electric kiln 1

As I mentioned before, I tryed fusing using an electric kiln yesterday.  Because it was the first try with an electric kiln and, each book shows different setting temperature and operation time, this challenge was really TRY. I tryed fusing with 9layers of copper and gilding metal.  About this condition, one book says that it shoud be set at 600-700 degrees for 1hour, whereas the other says that it should be set at 980 degrees until it gets yellowish orange.  So I practiced as I showed below.

1, First, I set the temperature at 700 degrees and wait 30minutes

2, The clamp was dull red   Wait 30minutes

3, The clamp was dull red  Set the temperature at 850 degrees and the clamp colour changed to orange

4, 30minutes later, the clamp was strong orange

5, Set the temperature at 950 degrees and the clamp colour changed to bright orange

6, Set the temperature at 980 degrees and the clamp colour changed to yellowish orange

7, I could see something molten so, I took it out from the kiln

The clamp taken out from the electric kiln

It looks fused together

I soldered each sides of the billet which has not fused

… and forged it.

I rolled it down but each sides were not soldered enough

…and the edge of the metal has come apart.

I will work the continuation of this process tomorrow.

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