Using an electric kiln 2

After fusing 9 layered of copper and gilding metal using an electric kiln, I have forged and rolled it down.

It looks good so far, and next step is punching and make a pattern.

I have cut useless edges off.  Now we can see the laminated maetal fused.

I have punched my Twitter user name and password on the back.

This is the surface of it.  I have file the convex part off and now we can see the pattern!

I apologise for the bad quality of this image, the faint pattern comes out on the ring , though.

I am working those into a piece of  jewellery now…

4 thoughts on “Using an electric kiln 2

  1. Brilliant Ayako! Its a technique I’d like to try out too and when I do, I’m going to consult your blog. Well done you – I can’t wait to see some more of your objects 🙂

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