One of my mokume rings…

Before I punched my Twitter user name and password on the new mokume plate and I finished it as a ring.

Before as I made ‘Apple’ logo for a translation of mokume gane from original state to today’s society, I this time take ‘Twitter’, which is also one of the powerful symbol today as another translation.  Today, we all wear similar outfits, possess things like someone else have, and we do work for various fields on the internet.  We can access to anywhere on line and do business, communicate, and express whatever we like.  Having our own username or ID and password is ordinary for us now and moreover, big events which have changed the world or occupy the world have started from someone’s ID and password.  These dominate most of the world yet as everything will not stay the same, Twitter’s state will also be changed at the end of the day…  This phenomenon is just natural and the fact of our living world.  We are living such a uncertain world and gold cloud is metaphor of that idea for me.  We are wearing gold cloud unconsciously.

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