2nd try for fusing with an electric kiln

The second try for fusing is the combination of sterling silver and gilding metal.

I prepared 6sheets of 1mm sterling silver and 5sheets of 1mm gilding metal and…

set them between the clamp covering with flux as usual.

Now, for me, this time is harder than the last time, because it needs lower temperature, and actually I was a failure in fusing the combination of copper, fine silver, and gilding metal  at the first challenge with a gas kiln.

I refered to two books, one is Mokeme gane written by Ian Ferguson, and the other is Textbook of Mokume gane by Masaki Takahashi.  So first, I set the kiln at 650 degree Celsius.

650 degree; the calmp turned into black colour

720             ;                                          still black

742             ;                                          dark colour

746             ;                                          dark red

:20 minutes later;           dull red

:15 minutes later; whole inside of the kiln tirned into dull red and cannot see clamp clearly

:50 minutes later;            red

760             ;                                            still red

770              ;                                           |

780              ;                                           |

790              ;                                           orange red

800              ;                                           I saw that silver was sweating or glowing, so I decided to take it out from the kiln.

This is what I have got from the clamp.  Has is fused…??

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