Combination of 3 different metals -1

I tried fusing 3 differet matals ( copper, gilding metal, and silver) together the other day.

Using 3 different metals is the first try to me so I reckoned that this would be the hardest challenge that I have done so far.

Each metal has individual menlting point like copper- 1083 ℃, gilding metal-1000-1040℃,  pure silver-961 ℃. So there was a risk that silver melt down during fusing process…

But I never know the result unless I try!

Set the plates in the clamp and apply flux around it.

Put the clamp in the electric kiln at 770 degree.

Drop the temperature in the kiln –650 degree

25-30 minutes

Return the temperature ————770 degree

5-10 minutes

Set the temperature                         at 790 degree

12 minutes

The clamp turned to red colour

11 minutes

The clamp is still red colour

2 minutes

Some molten parts could be seen

Take the clamp out from the kiln

It seems that silver is melted ↓

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