Why Mokume gane?

As I said  at the beginning of my blog “Mokume gane”, I have experienced some metal techniques to express my theme (the uncertainties of life and the sense of mortality).  The techniques which I tryed are reticulation and granulation. I found that reticulation was interesting because of its unpredictable result and its unique surface which can see a connection with the natural world visually, while I could not find a relation between a result of granulation and my theme.   However, I found out a fascination for the history of Mokume gane as I practiced it.  The history of Mokume gane perfectly matches the idea of the sense of mortality, the uncertaintities of life, or transition and the pattern of it also shows the idea of flow which has connection with the writing, Hojoki- My ten-foot hut.

Also, I have been fascinated by craftsmen who have been following cultural or traditional skills as long as I can remember, and I had wanted be such a artisan when I was younger.  However, I could not had met anything which had genuinely absorbed me, so since a certain time I have been disregarding that emotion until recently.  But unexpectedly I came across Mokume gane at the beginning of this semester, and I started being enthusiastic about it.  This is one of the traditional skills which are threatened with extinction and I have started thinking of that I may become one of the artisan who I dreamed before.  So probably, this is another reason why I am very keen to make Mokume gane.  In addition, it is still very painstaking and time-consuming  process despite the development of its making process by Western technology but, this fact captivates me and this means that mokume gane is real craft, to me. 

Now I know how hard to make it and how long it takes to make a finished piece.  But I cannot find any reasons to give up mastering it!

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